How to fight back against holiday weight gain with a 10-minute workout routine Video

Transcript for How to fight back against holiday weight gain with a 10-minute workout routine

The gift of extra pounds but don’t worry, Barry’s boot camp instructor Josey Greenwell is here to show us how to lose them by only working out 20 minutes. Three times a week. 20 minutes is perfect. Getting back into working out, it’s great. Every minute counts. You had people helping out. Bentley, Devin and Jim helping us out back here. Let’s get started. First warm-up. Hot knees so bring those knees up to the chest and get that blow flowing. How long do you do it for? Just about a minute. Second move is lunges, step right forward, this is good for those legs, thighs, glutes. Alternate. If you want to spice it it up, you can jump into it. Try to switch it. Not ready for that one yet. Ease into it. Third move. We get you down to the there are and hitting that core. We drop it down. Lay back onto that floor and then just kind of relax for a little bit — just kidding. Sit up, tap your opposite toe? Getting abs and going for your core. How many? You can go for a minute. Keep your timer right beside you. Now that we’re on the floor, what do we do next? We’re going to flip it over and going for a little chest and arm work. Hands on the ground for the push-ups. I like to do mine like this. If you want a modification, I can do a few like this. Drop down with that chest. Push through the palm and go all the way back up. How many of these? Go for 10, 30 seconds, a minute. I’ve dropped already. You’re going to hold that push-up up in that plank position and great for shoulders. Take your hand and tap that opposite shoulder. When you take down the Christmas tree this will get those shoulders ready. Try to keep your core as still as possible. Not moving. Tailbone tucked under, tight glutes. Just work it. Three times a week, 20 minutes a day — Three times a week, 20 minute, try to work through it. Need a little break, take a break. Need more cardio, go up with the high knees. Start right back over. A little circle. So people might think, ten minutes a day can you really get results with that. It’s just about getting moving with the lunge. If you want to challenge, just start with a jump and activate it more. I don’t know if you realize how much I ate the past couple of days. Right. That jump lunge was a little challenging. What about the classics like sit-ups. Every little bit helps. A certain type of sit-up you like the best. I mean if you always want to focus more toward the owe bleaks that’s when you can the twist. Sitting up, take that hand office foot or knee, add a little challenge and — All right. Josey, all right. I appreciate it.

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