How to Create Beyoncé’s Nala-Inspired Makeup Look

If you’re like us, you’ve been counting down the days, minutes, and quite possibly seconds, until the release of Disney’s brand-new rendition of The Lion King. And, the day is finally here! Of course, we can’t wait to see—or rather hear—all of our favorite stars (Donald! Beyoncé!) and sing all of our favorite tunes, but we’ve also harbored deep-seated excitement for Beyonce’s inevitably amazing beauty looks. Because you guys, there’s nothing we love more than Beyoncé on a red carpet.

Since she’s known and worshipped for her stunning hair, makeup, and fashion moments, we knew we’d be in for an assortment of glittering, lioness-inspired treats pre-release, and thus far, the actress and singer hasn’t disappointed. Still reeling in the best way possible from the sleek gilded cat-eye she wore for the film’s London debut, we received the full product and application scoop from her longtime makeup artist, Sir John.