How to Accessorize Wardrobe Basics

There’s no doubt that our trusty basics are the bread and butter of our wardrobes (aka they’re always there to solve every fashion dilemma). Sometimes, though, our basics can get, well, a little boring. So how can we liven up our sartorial staples in 2020 to keep our outfits looking fresh and fierce? Below we’ve rounded up some of this year’s biggest trends that can easily be combined with our wardrobe basics to take our look from zero to 100 this year.

These quick and easy additions are sure to reinvigorate your sweaters, jeans, tees, and blazers while imparting a look that is entirely on-trend. From refreshingly cool waistcoats to colorful leather separates to statement embellished shoes, read on to discover the easiest and chicest way to amp up your basics this year.