How I Crammed an Entire Ski-Vacation Wardrobe Into One Tiny Carry-On

I thought the biggest hurdle I would face while packing for a long weekend in Park City, Utah, would be the fact that I didn’t own a winter coat, much less an entire collection of snow-ready attire. But actually, the real challenge surfaced the night before my early morning flight while I was starting to fold newly amassed garments into my largest suitcase. My boyfriend strolled into the room, took one look at the size of it, and shook his head. “We’re going for three days,” he said. “Can’t you try to fit this all in a carry-on?”

In spite of my initial indignation (winter clothes and snow boots are bulky, okay?), I knew he was right, and the prospect of skipping the headache of checking a bag was certainly alluring. It also meant that I would have to minimize my capsule wardrobe even further. It was doable; it would just take a little strategizing.

Our plans for the weekend involved exploring the festivities at Sundance Film Festival, as well as skiing and general winter lounging. Ultimately, I had something cute (and warm) to wear for all of the above, even if it meant sitting on my Away suitcase ($245) in order to zip it shut.

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