How I Changed Careers and Got a Fashion Job

After my initial interview with Kat, I was asked to come back to also meet with Katherine, for which I was asked to bring a completed edit test. I guess my very thorough pitches on Alexa Chung and cobalt blue were well received because I got the job that changed my career forever.

Kat, who is, I’m happy to report, my boss all these years later, recently gave me this feedback: “I knew when I interviewed Ally that she was the right candidate, even though her résumé didn’t have fashion experience. She took it upon herself to come to the interview with a binder of story ideas (something that was not requested), and her passion for the field and determination became clear.” She added this sage advice: “Look for ways to go above and beyond like Ally did because it will only help you stand out. In general, I think hiring managers are becoming more open to looking beyond a résumé, which is good news for candidates looking to make a switch.”

My situation is certainly unique, but isn’t everyone’s? It’s not surprising to me that many among us don’t enter (or leave) college knowing exactly what they want to do for the rest of their lives. I, for one, didn’t figure it out until eight years later. Aside from a couple of retail jobs during college, I had zero experience with anything having to do with fashion or editorial or digital media—not even internships, as most of my co-workers did (read the career stories of Kristen Nichols, Lauren Eggertsen, and Anna LaPlaca).