How Cool Shoe Brand Paris Texas Became a Fashion Girl–Staple

How do you think Paris Texas became a must-own brand among celebs and fashion insiders?

For us, it’s still a bit unbelievable because we really do what we like, so that is very important for us. We created something people like to wear. That’s probably the key.

I think it started with everything that some influencer started wearing. Obviously, a lot of people are on Instagram, so the brand got recognized. It was very effective and probably started to evolve worldwide visibility. 

What do you think is the key piece from your brand to invest in?

The boots, the knee-high boots, for sure. The brown crocodile and the natural snakeskin one; those are timeless. You can wear the brown every season—the Parisian side of the collection. The snake could be the Texas side of the collection.

What are your tips for styling your boots?

I’m obsessed with denim, so I would say denim, but also while in L.A., I went out in a pair of mini shorts. I can see the boots with a midi silk skirt; it really depends. Right now, it’s very on-trend to wear them with oversize trousers, so I think that boots can be good with everything right now.

Boots are the backbone of your brand, but you’re moving into other styles. What upcoming styles are you designing?

Paris Texas right now is known for the boots, but we do a lot of other styles. For example, the booties are very, very important for us, but maybe stylists will choose the boot because they are more of a statement.