How Alex Jones and Infowars Helped a Florida Man Stalk Sandy Hook Families

Nelba Marques-Greene, whose daughter Ana perished at Sandy Hook, called Mr. Halbig “a certified lunatic” on Twitter after he posted harassing messages to her last month. “He’s been asking for pics and dash cam crap forever,” she wrote. “These aren’t bots. These are real people. I’m like- for real you think we faked this? You think first responders did? What a depraved mind. Depraved.”

Another parent, Leonard Pozner, whose son Noah died in the same classroom as Ana, reported the abuse, and after six years of appeals, Twitter suspended Mr. Halbig’s account last month. Mr. Pozner founded the HONR Network, a nonprofit combating online hate, after Noah was targeted by the conspiracy theorists.

Mr. Halbig has raised at least $100,000 to finance his records quest, according to Mr. Pozner, whose HONR Network volunteers reported Mr. Halbig’s activities to GoFundMe, successfully getting his fund-raising page taken down.

In a 2015 email to Infowars’ news director, Rob Dew, Mr. Halbig asks him to thank “Infowars Nightly News” host David Knight “for allowing me the interview. It has raised $1545.00 since last night.”

Mr. Pozner at first tried to engage Mr. Halbig, asking to speak with him in a 2014 email. He received a response, viewed by The Times, from Kelley Watt, one of Mr. Halbig’s fellow hoaxers. “Wolfgang does not wish to speak with you unless you exhume Noah’s body and prove to the world you lost your son.”

Mr. Halbig helped spread a 100-page background check containing Mr. Pozner’s addresses, relatives’ addresses, and social security number among the hoaxer community. Mr. Pozner and Noah’s mother, Veronique de la Rosa, live in hiding as a result of harassment.

In his deposition, Mr. Jones acknowledged that some of what Mr. Halbig and others were telling him about what happened at Sandy Hook “was not accurate.” But he also said that “retired F.B.I. agents and other people and people high up in the Central Intelligence Agency have told me there is a cover-up in Sandy Hook.”