How a Mom and Her Daughter Spend $250 on Beauty Products

My amazing mother (in case you didn’t know) is kind of a beauty baller. Not only does she look at least 10 years younger than her *actual* age of 73, but she’s also a bit of a product fanatic. Which makes sense considering she’s a makeup artist based in Tucson who caters to women over 50. In other words, she’s the makeup and skincare whisperer for those with mature skin and any other age-related issues or beauty conundrums. She has a Facebook page and YouTube channel I definitely recommend you check out (and share with all the other leading ladies in your life—from mom to grandma), and despite our almost-50-year age difference, I find myself going to her for product recommendations and skin advice. I mean, her skin is dewier and smoother than mine is! I’d be irritated if I didn’t love her so much.

I’m still waiting for her amazing genes to kick in (acne, go away, please!), but in the meantime, I love to sporadically feature my mom and all her amazing intel here on Who What Wear. From her favorite anti-aging serums to her reviews on buzzy, inexpensive brands like The Ordinary and Versed, she’s consistently offering great tips. So here’s the next installment: I decided to conduct a little experiment to see how our beauty shopping hauls would compare. Given our age difference and range of tastes in products, brands, and formulations, I gifted us each with $250 (theoretically) to spend separately at Net-a-Porter, Violet Grey, Dermstore, and Sephora (aka, my top four beauty retailers right now). Curious to see how our respective “hauls” compared? Keep scrolling! And maybe grab your credit card?