How 5 Fashion Girls Style the Same Donni Fleece

Move over, faux fur. There’s a new coat trend that’s blowing up for fall and winter this year and, well, it’s just as practical as it is cool. Blame it on the total domination of “dad” trends like dad jeans, dad sneakers, and dad hats, but the outerwear piece of the moment is a fleece jacket and let me tell you it’s the coziest thing you’ll wear for the rest of the year (prove me wrong, I dare you). I’ve seen iterations popping up left and right, but there’s one style in particular that fashion girls on Instagram are giving a major stamp of approval: Donni’s Tri-Fleece Pullover.

I, myself, am a huge fan of the pullover and I recently got invited by the brand to test out the new outerwear firsthand (along with a ton of other stylish winter-ready Donni pieces). On a picturesque trip to Big Sky, Montana where the first snow of the season had just begun to fall, we put the Donni fleece to the test. The trip was filled with outdoor activities like horseback riding through the mountains, touring Yellowstone’s awe-inspiring geysers, and hiking up to a waterfall—all things where a serious layering strategy was necessary.

While, yes, any fleece would keep you warm in the 30-degree chill, what I love most about Donni’s pullover is how the bottom half is designed to be more streamlined compared to most other styles you’d come across that are bulky throughout. As someone who wears almost exclusively high-waisted bottoms, the ability to tuck in my fleece is a total game-changer and honestly what saved me most from sacrificing style to a series of shapeless layers just to keep warm.

I’m not the only one crushing on Donni’s fleece. To see how other fashion girls styled the piece in Montana, keep reading and then shop the three colorways at the end.