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emarkable women who I’m looking at offstage. Can’ait for you to et. They each los more than 0 pounds without surgery dng it by chag their diets and exercising featured in eople’s” 100-poun weight lossissue. Here’s a look at T journeys. 26-yollauren council has always battled WER weight in out at 270 pounds last year. Honesince I was probably the age 10 it’s only gone up. Walkup flight of STA I would be outf breath was so ashamed. Repr:verything cha in 201en she learned she had a ous stomach problem that forced H to re-eval her food choice. That day I got that diagnosis and though could either just keeping like this or fly get my life on track. Repor 32-year-oldanna Bernard gained 7 pounds while pregnant wither N. She found herself at 245 pounds. She thou theab weight would comeht off. And T when it didn’t, I Ted trying different things on I went to a corporate gym. I fried eating healthy and goi on different dietsnd then I would ha a cheat meal and thron the towel because thought I ruined everything Reporter: Her turning point, spying a cop O “People’ how they lost 10 poundshowcasing a wnd a gym right in hometown of mipos. I thought to myself, this woman’s story reminds mech of my own. And if they can have such a profound impact on her life and her health, theaybe they could hel me too. Orter: 31-year-old single mom Rachel tfort Stred with weight srting as a teen rememberiow she couldn’t find a prom dress to fit her. So H to get my spe made it was just like so embarthi and that’s when I tippe over 20pounds. And, you know it J followed me from on until ulthood. Reporter: At her heaviest she was 291 pounds. Finally her motivn to lose it all came las year while picking up her dter F school. She said, mom, so and so-called you fat and at T moment it hit me in the C so Rd likehy does my child have to suffer for M selfish W Wow. So we’ll meet them all inust a moment. First join B “People’s” editor zruderm there’s so many applions and any people who letheir ories be known. What stood O about these three. Every one is relatable so these women lost over 100 pounds without surgery and did itwith, you , smalllifestylechange, diet, exercise. You read T stories and feel like, oh I could do this and, in fact, we have woman this yearho was noted by this exactssue a few years ago S really goeshow how much C chapeople’s lives. It real does, so which. Are you ready to them? Come on out. Come on out. Y to go. ING beautiful. So incredible. My gosh. Look a you all. So proud of you. All right, rachel,t your heaviest Y weighed 291 ps so let’s take a look and see how ch weight you lost the scales lost Girl. What was your motive we saw your daughter. My daughterprimarily. Mean, you know, Y never want see your child suffer, know, and to see her face. She tried to hold in that dayshe said her classmate called me fat at that moment I knew had to change and I’m a a singer and I W declined so manyortunities with, you know, rico deaecause of my image but, you know, that just taught Mo fightore and stay consistent. D ke up at 4:00 in the mng and jog at 5:00 every morning. Etch days a week. Wow. That’s someone would ne get up at 6:00 in the morning. You hat I’m saying but it’s imperet you consistentight for Y and not focus onhe scale primari but nonscale viies. Crossing my I crossed my ‘S ages O 31. That’s Thi I could never do.he consistency. Stay nsistent, fig for you and you’l. Thank you, thank you, th you, thaou. All right, Brianna. All right. At your heaviest you weighed 245 pounds shall were how much ight you have lost? S look at the scale a we see thatou have lost- plause ] Y’all are amazing. Anike so many womener birth,here’s auggle to se that birweight. The baby weight. Is that the case with It was true. I always factor. But it became less O a factor when I found aupportive environment I was motivated by a story and that was F a gymn minneap called bodies by bergune and that was the key to my success and now G to ire other pe by hel them tod what strong means to them in a gym with no mirrors. Oh, M gosh I love that. Zoe, that’s what’re talking about how she read in “People” magazine. You saw the in the checkoute and thought, okay, if som else can do that, I ca this too. Abtely. Incredible. That’s wonder so, Lauren, gots than a minute Lauren, your heaviest you ighed 270 poun let’s see how much weight Y have lost — You had a stomachissue. S but once Y dealt with that Mel issue — My symptoms became minimal to nonexistent withhanging my diet and wentluten free, D tree and got a gymmembership, a personal trainer worked out with twice a week and then I then worked out on my own about four T five T a weekend with that I felt like if could do it anybody could it because I never worked out a dayin life. All three of you have ne. Zoe, thaou very much

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