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Homeland security secretary kooirsen Neilsen speaking out after the death of a second child in U.S. Custody at the u.s./mexico border. She said, quote, our system has been pushed to a breaking point by those who seek open borders. Matt Gutman is in Los Angeles, and dhs is now promising medical checks for all migrant children and calling in extra help. Reporter: That’s right, whit. After months of warning, they are finally asking for that help. I’m told the border patrol has already completed a secondary medical assessment of all children in its custody under the age of 10 partly because of fear of a flu outbreak in its facilities. Now that as we learn that in his six days with customs and border patrol that 8-year-old boy was moved between four different facilities because of overcrowding. With the death of that 8-year-old boy, homeland security admitting the immigration system has reached a breaking point. The second death of a Guatemalan child under the age of 8 in three weeks triggering a slew of investigations. One is already under way by customs and border protection, Democrats in congress promising another. Secretary of homeland security Kristen Neilsen calling the death a tragedy, blaming open borders and the children’s parents for taking them on a perilous journey. The secretary has asked T Pentagon for help and the CDC to investigate the possibility of a flu outbreak at customs and border protection stations. This amidst an unprecedented surge of migrant families at the border. 25,000 families apprehended in December alone. Most are funneled through single adult males. Overnight, the father of Felipe Gomez Alonzo said he showed no signs of illness before Christmas eve, the day he died. The border patrol took him to the hospital on Christmas eve with flu-like symptoms. He spiked a fever of 103, and then just 90 minutes later, the hospital released him. Later that night, his condition worsened and the consulate saying with the father carrying the 8-year-old boy in his arms, border patrol rushed him back to the hospital where he died minutes before Christmas. Why that surge in migrant children? The commissioner telling me smuggler are willing to exploit laws that prevents families from being broken. 98% of families app rehended are released of their own cognizance of a future court date.

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