H&M Just Put 2214 Items on Sale—These Are the 29 Best

When you’ve been a fashion editor for as long as I have (about seven years), you become an expert in sniffing out good deals. Some sales can be disappointing if the selection is full of last-season stuff. No, I don’t have the patience to buy an on-sale shearling coat and hold on to it until fall. But I promise you one thing about H&M’s latest sale: It’s no letdown. The sale is chock-full of spring and summer pieces that are a far cry from bottom-of-the-barrel leftovers. 

There are plenty of cozy, comfy items for wearing at home, including soft knit pants, a ribbed dress, and a loose cotton blouse. But I believe it’s also worth buying more polished pieces to give your spirit a little boost right now—especially when we’re talking about $25 dresses, $20 jeans, and $15 tops. Leave it to H&M to make budget buys look anything but. Scroll down to shop my favorite 29 items from H&M’s new sale.