High-Heel Crocs: A Fashion Editor’s Review

Although I’ve been down with a few “ugly” shoe trends in the past, I’ve never been a Crocs wearer. I certainly have an appreciation for comfort, but it’s admittedly not my #1 priority when choosing shoes. So, I tend to ignore it when Crocs gain buzz in the fashion world, which is oftentimes the result of a designer collaboration from the likes of Balenciaga or Christopher Kane, et al. 

Last month, news of a new high-heel Croc sandal was widely covered across the internet, which naturally lead to some ongoing discussion among the Who What Wear team, and eventually to my boss (and our Editor in Chief) Kat Collings asking me to try them out. I didn’t exactly jump at the chance but I conceded. Upon reaching out to Crocs, I was surprised to learn that the high heels that everyone was buzzing about were actually a style from 2015 that have long been sold out (although you can get them for a major mark up on Amazon). They pointed me in the direction of the brand’s more recent heel styles and I decided on a pair of wedges (also very polarizing). The next thing I knew, FedEx was at my door to deliver a lime green bag with Crocs emblazoned across it for all the world to see. I quickly signed for it and officially became a first-time Crocs owner.

Read on for the play-by-play of my Crocs-wearing experience.