Here’s A Look At The Delightful Disney-Pixar Short About A Teeny Dumpling

On Thursday, Disney and Pixar released a teaser for “Bao,” an animated short slated to premiere this summer about an aging mom from a Chinese immigrant community in Canada and a little dumpling boy.


The little baby bao, or dumpling, is just too precious. And anyone of Chinese descent will well up with nostalgia after seeing a mainstream animation depict the cultural markings of Chinese families, like those traditional red bowls and that hanging scroll calendar. 

The short, based on director Domee Shi’s experiences growing up in Toronto’s Chinese community, is about the mom’s struggles with empty nest syndrome. But when the dumpling comes to life, she’s given another chance at motherhood. Soon enough, however, she learns that the little giggly dumpling boy won’t stay “cute and small forever.” 

“Bao” is set to premiere this summer with “Incredibles 2.”