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Time for our series “Hack your happiness.” Science-based ways to live happener in and healthier. May think of how to up at work. Here is a counter. Intuitive piece of advice. Research suggests becoming a smart giver is one route to success. Can you do it through something called the five-minute favor. Check it out. We are at the elite Wharton school of business where these high-power mba students are neither crunching numbers. They are instead requesting favors writing them down then walking around and signing up for other favors they can help with. Which one was yours? Mine was over there and involved helping my parents get more expose with their nonprofit. I signed that one. Yes. I actually signed that. Nice. Reporter: The organizer is professor Adam grant author of “Give and take.” His research says being a giver can make you the most successful person in the office an happier in life. When you have a choice of who to work with, you ask for them and you trust them to be your subordinate or boss and end up with better reputations. Is it possible to be a failed giver? You’re constantly giving you will burn out fast. I’ve heard over and heard again as people who are generous, I was tering at saying no first and now I recognize every no is a chance to say yes when it matters more. In the process of writing his book he found an understated giver, Adam Rifkin listed as fortune’s most successful networker. Through the–minute favor and make an inproceedduction or give feedback on somebody’s work. The more you help people the more later in life they may be inclined to step you too. Reporter: This is called givitas. How much personal happen that is you can create for yourself. Like with James whose friends want to get him on ABC’s “The bachelor.” I happen to know the producer. I’m a big fan of Chris Harrison. Very awkward. I really love his work. Reporter: Adam had a connection with Jenny who wanted to spend time with superchef David Chang. Let’s see — Hi, Dave. How are you? I didn’t call Adam. I called to talk to you. So, listen, so you want to shadow for a day. Yes. Oh, my god. Reporter: With some planning by David’s team and “Gma” Jenny’s favorite was granted. They met at one of his momofuku noodle bar. What can I help you out with. It was time to follow through on the favors I volunteered for. Including “The bachelor.” I met somebody the other day who might be a good candidate for “The bachelor.” I heard back in moments and gave James the good news. You seem like a mixture of thrilled and embarrassed. Scared. Wow. It feels great, seeing hi big his smile was was absolutely worth it. Absolutely worth it. Okay. One quick thing to say, that givitas exercise that Adam does was created by husband and wife Cheryl and Wayne baker. If you want to hear more of my chat with Adam check out the 10% happier podcast available wherever you get your podcast. I love it. So I have an idea maybe. Is James going on “The bachelor.” I connected them. They’ve been talking thus far. No concrete developments. Adam has had some second thoughts but he still wants to meet Chris Harrison. I think he should. We’re rooting for him.

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