GlossiWEAR Is Basically Glossier For Your Wardrobe

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Glossier has a new collection, called GlossiWEAR.

Maybe you’ve been wearing Glossier for years, but now you can actually *wear* Glossier.

Glossier built its brand in 2010 and adopted a skin-first, makeup-second mantra, introducing products that promised an effortless, natural look. Earlier this year, the brand launched a festival-worthy makeup collection called Glossier Play that is filled with color and glitter for a bolder, late-night look.

Needless to say, we’re a little surprised to discover Glossier’s latest venture has nothing to do with makeup or beauty at all.

This week, the brand dropped GlossiWEAR, a limited-edition collection of merch ranging from slides, sweatshirts and even hair clips from $10 to $45. In typical Glossier fashion, there are already a few products that are out of stock or soon to be in stock, including a bright yellow duffel bag and a white embroidered baseball cap.

While you’re waiting around for the classic Glossier pink hoodie to hit shelves (same), check out some chunky oversized hair clips in the GlossiWEAR collection that look like something you wore in your fourth-grade yearbook photo. They have us wondering: Is Glossier’s next step into hair care? We could get on board with a smoothing serum called “Strand Slick,” a conditioning mask called “Hair Hero” or even a shower cap made with their iconic bubblewrap packaging.

That said, you can get a free set of Glossier hair clips from the GlossiWEAR collection on orders over $50 when you use code HAIRCLIP at checkout. Our editors were so excited they went in on a joint order together just so they could each get a hair clip (we’ll report back).

In the meantime, we recommend stocking up on summer favorites like Haloscope or one of the brand’s two new shades of lip gloss ― they’re now in a new Duo set that’ll save you $4 ― for the glowiest, glossiest #hotgirlsummer of your life.

GlossiWEAR Is Basically Glossier For Your Wardrobe

GlossiWEAR Is Basically Glossier For Your Wardrobe