George Papadopoulos admits he lied to the FBI about contacts with Russian operatives Video

Transcript for George Papadopoulos admits he lied to the FBI about contacts with Russian operatives

Sticking with politics, George padopoulos eaking out to ABC news foe first ti D for lying the FBI. Members incling Jeff ssions were lly aware his efforts to broker a meeting with Vladimir Putin. And thenthe’s the president decision regarding stormy Daniels. Here’s Ta palmer Reporter: Tonight, ump campai a George papadopoulos admithe FBI about contts with someone suted of being a Russian operative, to cofor presidt trump. Just two dntenced to 14 days in pr foma statementto E akively to C’s georgetephanopoulo You were tryingprotect the president?. Claiminey genera sions supported his idea to broker a sup and Russ president Vladimir Putin. Te trump at the time Ed at me. Don’t think he wasmitted either way. He was and heerred, of Urse, to R Jeff sessions, who I remem beenthusiast a it.orr: Contradting ssions’ own testimon Ielieve Thai wanted to make clear to hinot authored to represent the campaign with th gornment or any R foreign governmenthat matter. Reporter: While president trump remains defiant against the Russia inveigation, he’s ING away om another legal battle. Filing court papers in California district court, omising not to enfor $130,000 nondisclosure agreement gnrn star stormy Daniels just days before the 2016 len for her silence aboueir alleged fair. Trump follg the lead longtime lawyed fixer Michael hen, who ofray O tear up E nda. And says hmay seek aefund of30,000 husyment. In March, Dani lawyer Michael avenatti said she was wig to pay bk the settlement Wouldhe be willing E ba the $130,000 say, “Fine, I don’tt anything with you ys.” If she’s mately orded to do th in order speak op and honey? 100%, absolutely. Reporter: But now, avenatti saying they won’t back down. We’re going to put this president on trial one or thd.a, we still doknow who author that anonous op-ed in “The new ytimes” desib restance movement within the administra.sident off his thoughoday? And would be willing to take a lie detectort T. Sarah sandsts are not under serious considerat inside North Korea, Kim Jong-un pulling out ops for hicountry’s 70th anniversary. The regimearading troops,

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