Gen Z and Millennials: Tell Us if You Plan to Vote and Why

Young people have been on the forefront of political movements for generations. Yet for almost as long, voter turnout in the United States among people under 30 has been low.

This year, Gen Z and millennial voters will account for 37 percent of eligible voters.

But political strategists wonder whether young people will show up to vote, given the challenges in voting during a pandemic and possible disenchantment with the political process.

If you consider yourself Gen Z or millennial and are eligible to vote, we’d like to hear from you.

What is driving you to vote or what’s holding you back? Submit a video with your answers and they may be featured in an upcoming New York Times event. We’d love to include your perspective.

When taking your video, we’d appreciate if you could:

  • Shoot vertically, leaving room at the top of the frame.

  • Keep each video under two minutes (you can pick which questions to video).

  • Make sure you’re in a brightly lit area (but not too bright).

  • Be in a place where we can hear you clearly.