French Women Share The Beauty Secrets and Products They Love

I don’t hide my love and admiration for anything, everything, and anyone French—I blame my stint studying abroad for this—and I would say a significant portion of the 1,139 people I follow on Instagram are either from or are based in France. From hairstylists and makeup artists to influencers, designers, and models, I’m constantly looking to my favorite French women for inspiration. And, not surprisingly, I always walk away with some fresh beauty or fashion wisdom. Whether it’s a new product recommendation or simply an extra skincare practice I want to incorporate into my regimen, I love immersing myself anyway I can.

Even though a “minimalist, less-is-more” approach is usually associated with the French beauty aesthetic, that assumption isn’t always accurate. In fact, some of my favorite French women actually stand for quite the opposite—eyelids loaded with glitter, lips saturated with gloss and ruby red lipstick—there’s far more to “French beauty” than Brigitte Bardot-inspired fringe or no-makeup makeup. So, seeking some beauty inspiration (because when am I not?) I reached out to eight ultra-chic French women to find out their most cherished beauty must-haves. (Aka—the items they always keep tucked inside their bags or on top of their vanities.) They’re spilling all the tea below, so keep scrolling!