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Now to a major fortnite breach. Parent, you’re going to want to pay attention. A vulnerability may have let hackers take over players’ accounts and use their credit cards. Linsey Davis is here with these details. Good morning. Reporter: This is scary. A lot of parents pay attention to the dance but now you have to pay attention to your bank statements, parent, that’s if you have kids that play fortnite and also your bank account. It’s so crucial because epic games, the maker of the game announced a flaw may have loud hackers to pretend to be actual players and purchase in game currency using credit cards already on file 80 million people play fortnite each month. As many as 200 million people have registered accounts. Epic is not saying how many people were affected by this breach. They will only say the matter has been addressed and that, quote, we encourage players to protect their accounts by not reusing passwords and using strong passwords and not sharing account information with others. Now, the hack came to light when checkpoint research which is an information security group said that it privately notified epic after tests revealed it could lead to widespread fraud so check those credit card statements. It’s affected members of our staff. Oh, I bet. Small charges that you don’t pay attention to when you add up at the end of the day. Yes, thank you.

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