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tara.ueller invti and sentencinga caisdmitted lying to the FBI sentenced in the in abs homes has more. Reporter: Former trump caaign advis George papadopoulosing his wainto court a sea of mes and a mocking ck You’ll look Reporter: Orange as in an Orange prison jumpsuit. The questionet papadopoulld get any jail ti inside a fal judge hdi down the sen 14 days in prison, a year of supervis relee a nearly $,000 ne. The judge sa T based on the F that papadopoulos appeared reefa papadopous tling the court, I made dreadful mistake for which he was asd. His attorney paintthe picture of a fast rise and fall . He phe trump campaign’s foreign policy te en here in that infamous photo R seats from the candidate who praised during theampaign. George pa, he’s an oil and energy consultant, excellent guy. Reporr: But jusurs before thetencing, T H I don’tnow papadopoulos. I dot know him W that only thing I know about him. Got him ss a couplof lies. Reporter: P pleade guilty to lying to the FBI about his conwi professor who claimed the russiansad obtaineousands of hacked email clinton the FBI susphe professor of being an operative for the Russian government. On E question O who, if one, he might have T abthose alledly stolen emails – I M no recolleconing so. I can’t guarantee it. All N say is mmery that I never ared it wh anyone on campaign. R: His attorney said he lied to the FBI out of a misguided of T pr to keep hope ale for a chance for J P administon. For “Good morning America,” Pierre Thomas, news, Washington Pe, thank you. We want to tell you, we got a big exclusive com Sunday. Papadopous will giv his first exclusive interview with GE sthanopoulos” right here on abc.uch to dis tg. So’s bring in our chief political analyst Matthew dowd, going us frotexas this ring. Matthew, good morning. Et’s startitpresident trump calling on hisorney neral to iestigate whoevs anymd in “The New York Times.” Just for take of argent here, doesn’t the presidenve a right to know who is takthis interl quote/unquote resistance within ration? I mean absolu should know who is criticizing him internally, if we had any normalitthat wodn’t have happenright? And I think part of what’s goingon is we fused much O much cess, the anonymous lef an op-ed to “The new York Times” and not enough on ally what E personrote O works for Donald Trump said that he’s worried temperen worried about his stability. Worried aboorality and he’s worri AUT the to kn, but the president doesn’t have a right to make people do lie ctor testsr ask hi justicpartment to investigate it as if this is a tional security issue it would be good if he but taking on is like he’s captain queeg in “The Caine mutiny” looking for strawber I don’t think is helpful Ye inew we we going to get a pop culture fence. I didn’ttainueeg coming relatiship relatnship relations resident O back on the campaign trail. Extraordinary. While it is unusual fo president critici a sitting president, especially innificant, isn’t itoing to harden srt fopresident trump? Well, Dan, I think we saw this — th started athe John McCain funeral where president a and present bush wut meioning his name sort of had undercurrents of criticism for current president. At began ts. President Obama coming out T way is break witadition, but S an unusu time, and I think that’s wama said. I think the difficulty ent trump is if pair off these O, presideru versussident oba I electi in the ne 60 days, the one who Ost popula today is president Obama. So if were a demtic candidate having president Oma campaign on behalf of me O president trummp behalf of a Republican, the dynamics right now favor president Obama, but this is a clasofitans, and I think wegoing it unfold iextht week, and this is not the first time I think esll speak this way. Very quickly, try to have a former prent criticing a sittg president in this way? No, it’s not good for the country, but I think president Obama’s supposition is that this unusual time. Have a priding for the justice department T investatl opponents so think president Obama wanted to go with tradition like president bush did, bu F like for the sake of the county, our conitution and ou bavior, he was obligated to speak out. Matthew dowd, J us from texas.matthew, we always appreciate your analysis and your pop cultural rerces. We appreciate that very you, sir. Have a great sy.

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