Former Trump adviser gets 14 days in prison for lying to the FBI Video

Transcript for Former Trump adviser gets 14 days in prison for lying to the FBI

Nekts GHT, the sentence this evening of a member of president trump’s campai ,eo papadopoulos, a T C adviser has now been nt tonight we are also hearing fro presidenump who I now distancing himself F tt er adviser. Here C’s chief Stice espondent,ierre Thomas. Reporter: Fr truaign advisrg papadopoulos today making his wa to learn his fate. Ou’ll look great in Orange! Reporter: His wife by his side. She had pleaded with the president for Irust and he and ask to president trump to Pardo Repter: Insida federal juing down the sentence. Days in son, a year of ase, and 2 hours of community which he was he W part ofhe trump campai’s foreign policy team. Seen here in that infamous photo with Jeff sessions and four om the candate who praised hingpa eopapadopoulos, he’s an oil andnergy consultant, excet guy. Reporteut just hos before today’s sentencing the presidmember him I don’t know papoulos. I don’t know him. I saw him sig in one pure at a T me. The onlyhing know about him. I doknow him, buthe hion,ess, a coue of lies is what they areaying. Reporte ps pleaded guilty to I aboutis contacts with a ofessor who claimed the Russians had obtained. His attorney just told me ouhe courouse, paos can’t recall who, if T about Tse hacked but we believe thats is sething that robe M pursng, David.

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