Former President Obama gave a heated speech against Trump ahead of midterm elections Video

Transcript for Former President Obama gave a heated speech against Trump ahead of midterm elections

Eva, thank you. No between rmer prent and esident trp. Two takinim at each other as they mpaign, ls than T months bore the mim eltions. Fo president Obama urging voters to restore some sy to R politics. Vice president mpence G the commts very disappointing. Here’s Stephanie Ramos. Reporter: President Obama ban the spotgh sanity our politics. Reporteth F who controls congress heats up ahead nr’s midter elecons. We the chancto flip the house resentatives and make sure there aal checks and balances in Washington. Reporter:he first Tim nce leaving the oval office, now point to his successor. Sometimes the backlash comes frple who are genuinely, wrongly, fearful change. It did not start with Donald Trump. He is a symp not the cause. Reporter: Obama’s words putting Defee. Well, it was very disappointto see presidobama breawi of former presidents and become so po Reporte the present had a different take when asked what thought of ama’s speech I’m sorry. I watched it. But I fe I found he’s very good, very good forleeping. Reporter: Democrats are hopibama will give them the boeed to win the 24 sea needed took house. But president trump’s influence is also large according to “The Washington post,” whiouse budget dire told do, “You mayat present. And there are a lot of people wh. Like the the country is going is also report saying the midterms will depend on candidates’ likeability, also saying onethe races R is the Texas senate race. Keep mind, senatored Cruz is the incumnt in that seat. After some ise exchans in the campaign withrump wamn for Cruz next month.

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