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phrase, Gwyneth paltrow and Chris martin. A new stu revealing tz power that vegetables may reduce your risk a stroke or heart disease. Our chief medical correspondent Dr. Jen Ashton has all the detas and, D J Ashton, weome from Massachusetts. First and foremostan you tell us about the carotid artery. That’s what it is referencing. Exactly so thistudy is really all about veggies and vascular health and mini med Hool anatomy. The common carotid artery, there’s two of them. They are the major arterie that take oxygenated blood from the heart to the head and neck. Normally W study them in heart disease becau they can be a marker for what’s going on in the blood vessels inur heart and checkhe thiness of those arteries which is not a good thing with a simple ultrasound Bui want to show you what this looks like. I know it’s passover but I’ll show bread. If you imagine this as the carotid artery, you want as much space in here as possible for blood to be able to go through. When it gets thickened, this is kind of what it looks like, less blood, less oxygen going to vital organs including the brain and heart. So good, N good. Striking visual. What can you tell us about this particulartudy and cruciferous vegetables. Looked at just over a thousand women over the age of 70 in Austria. It appeared in “The journal of the American heart association” and it used food questionnaires asking these women, how many servings fruits, vegetables, other foods they ate and then it did at ultrasound toeasure thehickness of the carotid artery and found tt women who ate three or more Servi of certain type of vegetables a day had a 5% drop in the thickness of the artery so they kind of looked like Thi instead of like this. And what kind of vegetables are we talking about specifically and do they have to be prepad a certain way? We’re probably not — we have to doway with the butter and velveeta cheese. They need to B prepared by Wolfgang pk or my friend Alex guaranschell what they found was the cruciferous getables, broccoli, cauliflowerer, cabbage or Brussels sprouts did better than the Orange vegetables, even things like onions or garlic, now we have to caution this showed an assiation and a link, not cause and effect. But there’s theory thathere is these or GOP Ano sulfur compounds thatrotect the vascular system. It’s a link and association but interesting on We know you’re in Massachusetts up there to pull for your daughter playing in a national championship. We send our love.

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