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One piece of relatively good news the shutdown will not impact the CDC’s flu program. Right. But the bad news is that the new numbers indicate the flu epidemic is getting worse with more children dying and erielle reshef is in studio with more, erielle, good morning. Reporter: Good morning to you, Dan and Paula. Doctors say the flu season is hitting hard and proving deadly particularly when it comes to kids. Ten more pediatric deaths reported and doctors warning it may be easier than you think for you or your loved ones to get sick. They’re the faces of this year’s deadly flu epidemic. This third grader in Alabama among the latest victims. The CDC calling it the worst flu season in eight years. Activity has gone up again this week. Reporter: Children hit particularly hard. So far 30 pediatric deaths have been reported. Nearly double this time last year. Clinics across the country packed with patients, some even running out of crucial medication. A lot of doctors are prescribing antiviral drugs and in some places when they try to pick them up they may not have them at that time. Reporter: One of the largest studies ever showing how contagious the flu can be. Researchers warning it it can spread simply by breathing. No coughing or sneezing required. Across the short distance I could be breathing and a little particle might travel and you breathe them in and get sick. That’s just a real concern in terms of how the flu spreads. Reporter: At least 70 deaths reported in California. 79 in Indiana. This map showing states with the highest flu activity. 49 caught in the crosshairs of the dangerous strain. The CDC says with the rise in cases doctors are worried we haven’t even hit the peak yet. It can last through April. They say it’s still not too late to get the flu shot. That’s the recommendation and if you have symptom, guys, of the flu be sure to check them early. Go get treatment early. Get the shot, keep your hands clean. Stay vigilant. Thanks, erielle. We turn to new developments in the massacre at the concert

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