Florida’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law Makes Halloween Frightening, Trevor Noah Says

Trevor Noah, host of “The Daily Show,” says he feels very uncomfortable to be in Florida on Halloween.

“Because of ‘Stand your ground’ laws, I don’t know how anyone can enjoy Halloween in Florida,” Noah said on his Wednesday show, filmed in Miami. “No, because the law is that someone can shoot you if you frighten them.

“That’s the whole point of Halloween. You dress scary, you go to people’s houses and you rob them of candy.”

Noah said that no matter what costume you choose for Halloween, “you’re leaving as a ghost.”

But he has a strategy. “Just to be on the safe side for Halloween, I just walk around with my hands up.”

When people ask what he’s supposed to be, he answers, “Alive.”

“I’m not about to get shot for some candy,” Noah said. “I’m not getting shot for some candy. What’s that? King-size Reeses? OK, shoot me in the leg.”

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