Find Out What Causes Yellow Armpit Stains

It was then and there that she let me in on a hack that saved my white T-shirts forever. She promised this would be the last white tee I buy for a while if I started to use aluminum-free deodorant. Apparently, it was the aluminum in my antiperspirant that was turning my tees yellow, not my overactive sweat glands (phew). This was a lifechanging hack for me, but also a hack that made sense. Sweat is a colorless liquid so it’s virtually impossible for sweat itself to stain your clothing, yet we assume that’s what’s causing all that yellow ish in your underarms. 

Naturally, I needed to know more. I read through a few articles including one from Business Insider that stated, “Aluminum is actually the active ingredient that is supposed to prevent said sweating in your pits, but when it mixes with the protein in your sweat, it leaves a trail of yellow destruction in its wake on white fabric.” I couldn’t believe that this was a scientifically proven phenomenon that no one openly talked about or that there was an actual difference between deodorant and antiperspirant. (Antiperspirants block your pores to reduce the release of sweat while deodorants neutralize the smell.)