‘Filthy Rich’ Isn’t Well-Off | HuffPost

Fall TV is slowly revving up, even if 2020’s coronavirus-hobbled lineup looks a bit thin. “Filthy Rich,” premiering Monday on Fox, marks one of the few new shows completed in time to get the season going. 

“The Help” and “The Girl on the Train” director Tate Taylor developed “Filthy Rich” based on a New Zealand series of the same name, casting Kim Cattrall as a wealthy TV personality whose husband (Gerald McRaney) runs a lucrative Christian network that doubles as a lifestyle brand. A tragic accident sets into motion a series of soapy twists that will make “Rich” either a primetime addiction or an immediate write-off. Set in New Orleans, the show offers a humorous look at a family whose Southern-fried enterprise starts falling apart around them.

So, is “Filthy Rich” worthy of heralding this strange new TV season? HuffPost reporters Leigh Blickley and Matthew Jacobs talk through the highs and lows of a comedy that’s as foolish as it is fun.

The Bottom Line

“Filthy Rich” is very, very silly, but, if you’re into soapy, overlit network dramas, it just might just be your cup of quarantine tea. 

Initial Thoughts

Leigh Blickley: Matt, when I first heard Kim Cattrall would be back on TV playing a mega-rich Christian network host and lifestyle maven, I was in. And although “Filthy Rich” is campy and oh so ridiculous, it’s also somewhat a snoozefest? Please, share your initial thoughts.

Matthew Jacobs: Agree, this is a delicious premise and a role that fits into Cattrall’s lane. Religious profiteers watching their empire crumble? Hell yes. Margaret Monreaux — have you ever heard a more Southern name? — is as over-the-top as Samantha Jones, though Margaret gets her ecstasy from prayer instead of sex. But “Filthy Rich” is pretty much exactly what we knew to expect: broad, soapy and impossibly silly. You and I have seen the first two episodes, and I’m not sure I can stomach any more of it.

LB: I had higher hopes! Though, I must admit, I did push on into the third episode just because I got a bit sucked into the storyline. Forgive me???

MJ: I’d definitely read the CliffsNotes on what happens next, so let me know.

Honestly, I think I’m trained at this point, for better or worse, to turn my nose up at the conventions of broadcast dramas. Not saying I’m proud about it, but I don’t really watch overlit, fast-paced shows like this anymore. In a way, I was looking forward to delving back into one, especially something that feels like “Dynasty” meets “Desperate Housewives” meets “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.” But the plot’s conflicts are explained away too easily, and the ideas behind the show aren’t much more complex than “these wealthy zealots are hypocrites.” Help, I’ve become a snob!