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Now to that medical breakthrough. The fda has surge approved a nasal spray to treat a certain form of depression using the mind-altering drug related to the club drug special K. Our chief medical correspondent Jennifer Ashton is here with all this. Millions have to deal with Yes. And this is a new kind of drug we haven’t seen. Let me break it down. This is a new approval for a very old drug. It actually came out in the ’60s initially used as a type of the drug is called esketamine and this is going to be given in nasal spray form. It’s already used off label intravenously but this is specifically for something called treatment resistant depression so this is for people who have failed two traditional types of depression therapy over the appropriate period of time. It does require observation. This will only be given at licensed and accredited designated facilities. People will have to be observed for two hours afterwards but potentially generating a real cause for optimism. Seems exciting on the what should prospective patients keep in mind. Consider the caveats. Talking about this drug, esketamine, the issues, number one, potential success. When they studied it it did actually give good results compared to placebo but we’ll have to follow that. Cost is always an issue anywhere interest a couple of hundred dollars to a couple of thousand dollars wholesale, whether insurance covers that, of course, remains to be seen, restricted availability. Not something people will go to their pharmacy and take on their own and then side effects. This does carry a black box warning for sedation and altered thinking. It could really help two hard to treat groups. The two groups I’m most interested in, it carries a pregnancy category C which means it could be used in pregnant women and it’s being studied for patients who are acutely suicidal so this is an area where we desperately need better treatment and this drug works as quickly as two days. Again, how long does it last, though? They’ll need to be treated every two weeks then boosters as needed. You go to a facility to get This is not going to be at your local pharmacy. Nor should it be? Right.

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