Fashion Girls Know This Is Where to Find Cheap Designer Gems

After six years of working in the fashion industry, I’ve learned that my tastes will always be bigger than my budget. While I’m not discounting my ability to someday find financial success (a girl can dream), the unfortunate truth is I’ll never be able to drop dough on designer collections each season. But that hasn’t stopped me from finding creative ways to get said items into my wardrobe.

Just because I can’t afford designer digs from the outset doesn’t mean they’re completely inaccessible. There are the traditional outlets like finding sample sales and using rental services, and then there’s my favorite little known resource: shopping at Need Supply Co. The Virginia-based retailer has been a fashion girl gem for the last decade. Not only is it a great spot for discovering up-and-coming and indie brands, but it also holds some of the best sales known to the industry.

When Need Supply Co. markdowns arrive, they’re always ones worth perusing. Unlike its e-tailer behemoth counterparts, the site’s sales don’t start small. My past purchases have included an MM6 dress for under $50, a Rejina Pyo jacket for the same the cost as my monthly subway pass, and my favorite pair of A.W.A.K.E. Mode pants for almost 80% off. But don’t just take my word for it. We’re blowing the whistle on our best-kept secret and showing you where you can find affordable designer gems (they’re all under $250) up ahead.