Fashion Girls Agree: Never Wear Skinny Jeans With This

It seems we’re always debating whether or not skinny jeans are in or out. When it comes down to it, though, we ultimately consider skinnies “classics” at this point—similar to black pumps or a khaki trench. In other words, they’re not necessarily the most forward item you can wear, but they’re in no way over. While we’ve brought you inventive and creative ways to wear your skinny jeans this fall, there are certain looks you should try to avoid if you’re wanting an of-the-moment vibe. To help fill us in on how not to wear skinnies right now, we tapped some of our favorite fashion girls in the industry to spill.

Keep scrolling for their expert tips. Plus, go a bit further to check out a few of our favorite street style moments featuring on-trend ways to wear your skinnies to get inspired—and shop our favorite pairs too.

“Instead of pairing your skinny jeans with a plain T-shirt, re-think your denim and wear it layered beneath your favorite full skirt or dress.” — Erin Sumwalt, StyleWatch
“I love styling skinny jeans with a good pair of moto boots and a Wes moto jacket. I would probably avoid wearing skinny jeans with a super-tight tank. I like having a looser top or jacket on instead.” — Rebecca Minkoff
“It’s all about balance. You should never pair your skinny jeans with a tight top. Instead, top your look with a voluminous or oversize pullover or jacket, like with something like this blouse or this sweater.” — Gabby Sabharwal, Aritzia and Giejo
“Although it’s a go-to for many women, I’m not a fan of skinny jeans with high heels. I find that going for flats, whether it’s ballet flats or cute loafers, comes off as more sophisticated.” — Melissa Rubini, InStyle
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