Fashion Editor’s Top Beauty Picks Under $100

As a fashion editor, I talk about trends and shoes and outfits all day long at work. When I’m not at the office, I’m spending time with friends who will inevitably want to talk to me about trends and shoes and outfits some more. So, when a friend recently texted me for a moisturizer recommendation and I instead offered her up my entire skincare routine (morning and night) inclusive of product screenshots, I truly think I took myself by even more surprise than I did her. I thought, “Am I a closeted beauty junkie?”

I’ve never been particularly talented at makeup per se and I’m certainly not one to do my hair on an average day. However, I am really invested in finding amazing products that make me look like my best self with little effort. After going through my medicine cabinet and vanity I discovered I have a total of twenty-one skin, hair, and makeup products that I absolutely can’t go a week without using. Maybe that sounds like a lot to you or maybe that doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of your own beauty arsenal, but I guarantee these are worth adding to cart and testing out for yourself.