Fall Boots: 6 Trends That Will Dominate 2018

The fashion cycle works in mysterious ways. It may be 86 degrees outside, but it’s time to start thinking about the boots you’ll want to wear from September all the way to the following April. With July sales finally wrapping up, retailers are starting to stock all those cool-weather staples you’ve banished from your mind the last few months. But before you start thinking about coats or sweaters, we think it’s boots that should sit at the top of your shopping list.

First of all, while boots are designed to endure a little bit of rough weather, styled with the right outfit, they can work for our last month or two of warmer days too. And while footwear can be a bit of a splurge, a statement-making pair of boots can anchor even the simplest outfit, so invest your money there first.

So, are you curious to know what the biggest boot trends will be for fall? Below we’re highlighting six boot styles that will be on the feet of every It girl in the coming days (especially with fashion week right around the corner). Kick-start your shopping right now and go for the coolest boots of 2018.

This fall, you can finally pull off the look you’ve always dreamed of: animal print head-to-toe. Boots in wild tiger and leopard prints are ideal for prowling the streets whether you’re in NYC, Los Angeles, or anywhere in between. 

Now you’re hip to all the season’s biggest boot trends. 

You don’t have to be headed to the ranch to pull off these cool cowboy boots. Western details with a bit of edge make for a combination that you can dress up or down without feeling like your in a Westworld episode. 

Backpacker chic may not be an aesthetic you’ve considered before, but for fall, it’s all about boots you could actually hit the trail in (even if you’d rather just be strolling the sidewalk). Our recommendation: Balance out these tough statement boots with a floaty dress or skirt. 

While a classic Chelsea boot will forever remain a wardrobe staple, in 2018 it’s time for an update. Lug soles and edgy details make this usually polished boot feel downtown cool.

For a few seasons, we’ve been watching hints of the ’80s creep back onto the runway, but it’s back with a true vengeance for F/W 18. Slouchy, shiny, and of course, a chain or two make ankle boots feel new (but old, but new) again. 

Love it or hate it, calf-height bucket boots are the new over-the-knee. The sleek silhouette is ideal for styling under a midi dress or with skinny jeans tucked inside.