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Now to new fallout from that Facebook privacy scandal and the coany says 87 million people may have had theirnformation accessed which is far more than previously thought and mark Zuckerberg is preening to testify before congress and Rebecca jais is here with more. Hey, Michael, good morning. That’s roughly one three U.S. Cebook users who may have had their informationmproperly shared with Cambridge analytica the announcement coming amid several new changes at the social media meant to better protect user priva. This morning, facebook’seo Mark Zuckerberg taking personal responsibility for the social media’s failure to better safeguard users’ ivacy. De didn’t take a broadnough view of what our responsibility is and that was a huge mistake. And it was my mistake. Reporter: Revealing that to 87 miion people, mostly in theu.s., may have had their information improperl shared with political consulting firm Cambridge analytica. Far more than the 50 million initially suspecd. The Facebook CEO and founder in a call with reporters admitting it will take time to fix the platform. I wish that I could snap M fingers and, you know, in three months or six months he solved all of these issues. We need to rethink our relaonship with people and our responsibility there across every single part of what we do. Reporter: But also pushing back on criticism faceboo takes information without consent. The vast majority of the data that Facebook kws about you is because you chose to share it. Reporter: Now Zuckerberg’s vowing he’s stillhe best man for the job while try to reassure its billions of users it won’t happen again. Started this place. I run it, I’m responsible for whatappens here. I’m going to do the best job helping to run I going forward. Reporter: Next week he will testify before senate and house panels on apr 10th aearing before a joint committee and appearing the next day, April 11th before the house energy commerce committee, michael But how willacebook users know if they’ve been affected or impacted? So Mark Zuckerberg dressed is yesterday. We will be hearing if you are a Facebook user and Y might have been impacted by the Cambridge analytica scandal, starting next Monday, April 9th at the top of yourews feed you will see a message Y may have been impacted. Look for that next mind. They’ll let you know. Thanks so much. Than, Rebecca.

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