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Thank you, now to that big news from Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg addressing privacy concerns in revealing new features on Tuesday. ABC’s Rebecca Jarvis is here with more and, Rebecca, let’s start with privacy, Facebook is launching a new tool. Yes, and Mark Zuckerberg admitted it’s been and intense year they didn’t handle things as well as he could have before congress. This was before a crowd of much happier crowd of people. Less pressing than congress but announced there will be a new history clearing. S that is coming to Facebook so you can clear the interactions that you’ve had with third party apps and clear the things that you’ve clicked on from Facebook. So they’re not collecting that data on you anymore. Also they want to play patch maker. Indeed. They are getting into the dating game now and this is an opt-in feature. Anybody worried about their account automatically putting them on the market, that’s not the way it will work. There will be this new heart button in the corner coming soon and opt in and Mark Zuckerberg says there are it 00 million Facebook users whose status is single. Big opportunity. 200 million. About to be a love connection in there somewhere. They’ll use your interests and friends to connect you with the people who might be right for you. I’m sure the other dating sites aren’t too happy about that. What about the oculus. This is the new oculus go. It doesn’t have any strings attached. No cords. You don’t have to put your phone inside and the difference Facebook is open hoping is that people who aren’t gamers are going to be wearing these things. You’re so board. And watching Netflix and hulu. You can barely tell you’re wearing it. Good for the hair in the back. All right, Rebecca, thanks so much. I don’t know what you’re watching in there but probably much.

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