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We’ll move to a fall fix for your face. Skin is everything. Dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe is here to share her tricks for keeping it healthy and hydrated as the temperatures cool down. Not an easy thing to do. You can feel it drying up. The air gets colder and drier and it steal moisture right out of your skin leaving you with dull skin, rough patches. It can make wrinkles more pronounced so you got to up your game when it comes to moisturizing in the fall. When you think about layering clothing think about layering your skin care. I love that. Think thinner to thicker. First you want to apply the thinner, more lightweight products like a serum and on top of that you put your day cream or night scream. That layering really helps trap extra moisture. Layer like we do with fashion during the day and at night. You layer in the morning and at night. And hands too in you can drink a bathtub full of water every single day. But it may not do the trick. It’s not enough. You have to think about what you’re eating. Have lots of different fruits and vijay tables. Naturally rich in water and healthy fats. This is what I wanted to show you. There are some very cool new technologies out there. So these gummies and these drinkable shots have an ingredient called hyaloronic acid. It is a sugar gel, it’s naturally found in our skin. It’s found in our joints. It works by binding a thousand times its weight in water. Do you remember these foam animals we used to play with. It looks like this. The number one prom injected by dermatologists. I inject these into my patients every single day. You’re saying to consume them is the same thing. New studies showing you might be able to moisturize your skin from the inside out by eating and drinking hyaloronic acid. The studies are small and preliminary but go for it, take a shot. Don’t ask me twice. It tastes like Orange juice. They’re promising enough to make it on to my radar. Want a taste? It tastes like Orange juice. Mm-mm. Not exactly like Orange juice but do I look younger already? She does, guys. Look at that skin. Look at that glow. Obviously you don’t want to overdo this. You want to be careful, right? It’s a gummy. You don’t pop these — Gumies have a little sugar but only one gram per gummy. Everything in moderation. Brand-new science out there. Tell us the name of the actual ingredient that — Hyaloronic acid. Hyaloronic acid. A dermatologist’s best friend. Shots all around. Dr. Whitney Bowe, our skin is very important. Thank you for always keeping it protected. Thank you very much.

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