Exactly How to Wear Loose Jeans, in 4 Outfits

While skinny jeans have reigned supreme as the go-to denim silhouette for years, lately celebs and fashion girls alike have been adding looser fits to their closets. Yep, instead of sculpted skinnies, upsized jeans are emerging as the new popular denim shape among the fashion set. A throwback to denim from the ’90s, they’re finished with hallmark wide legs and long inseams that evoke styles from the earlier decade.

Celebs like Bella Hadid and sister Gigi Hadid have been wearing them recently and have solidified them as a trend and made them one of the buzziest new denim trends set to take over 2019. So are you ready to replace your skinny jeans with upsized denim? I’m personally adding some to my closet right now and looking to stylish fashion insiders for cool ideas about how to wear loose jeans. Ahead, see the outfits I’ll be repeating; then shop them for yourself.