Everything You Need to Know About Microbiome Skincare

According to Weiss, there are some key ingredients in microbiome-repairing formulas. “First, start by understanding what the skin microbiome needs to be healthy—essential biomolecules such as vitamin E, fatty acids, and other nutrients. This is the first step toward returning skin to a healthy state. The second step is to use fewer products with fewer ingredients daily. The more unnecessary ingredients you introduce to your skin, the greater the chance for irritation or disruption to your skin microbiome,” he says. Remember less is more when it comes to skincare, especially when treating the microbiome. 

“Symbiome formulates all of our products with less than 10 ingredients that are sustainably sourced from supercharged Amazonian plants and biologically intact to deliver post-biotic nutrients in a manner as close to nature as possible,” he adds. 

Microbiome skincare is the ultimate retreat to our natural state and is key to ridding our skincare routines of products that do more harm than good. As we continue to look to science, nature, and our own skin and body to heal itself, microbiome skincare will become more popular. There’s no doubt microbiome skincare is the next best thing, so keep scrolling to discover the 14 microbiome-supporting products to shop now.