Everything You Need to Know About End-of-Season Sales

We all have that one friend who always seems to score designer pieces at seriously discounted prices—ugh, the envy. And that’s because they are likely a bargain hunter—someone who knows the ins and out of successfully shopping online (and in-store) sales. If you, too, want to save a bit of cash without sacrificing style, you’ll want to take a thorough read through our definitive guide to end-of-season sales, which highlights the shopping tips and tricks to follow to help you score amazing finds without burning a hole in your bank account. 

The name of the end-of-season shopping game is patience—and if you can wait to press add to cart on a seasonal piece (e.g., a warm jacket in the wintertime), you might just be able to scoop it up for half-price during the, well, off-season. Ready for more important shopping insight? Then read on for four important sale hacks that you’ll want to remember for the long haul.