Everything to Know About Dying Hair for the First Time

How did you feel afterward? What kinds of changes did you notice? I LOVE my hair in photos now. I feel so much more confident. In-person, sometimes I’m scared my hair looks a little red, but it depends on the lighting, and I’ve been curling my hair more often to help bring depth to the color. I am also beyond impressed with the texture and shine of my hair after the Cashmere Fusion Restorative Treatment.

What did you like about it? I tried something new outside my comfort zone and LOVED the results. This has inspired me to continue trying new things.

Would you try it again? Definitely.

Any advice for anyone who’s thinking about trying it? Do your research, and think about what color you want. In hindsight, I actually wish I had gone a little lighter, but I was too scared I wouldn’t like it. Also, do your research on your stylist! You want to make sure they respect your ultimate goal and that they care about what you care about. It was so important to me that Cheryl was on the same page as me as far as making sure that my hair looked natural and that it stayed healthy and trued to the texture of my virgin hair.

This kind of transformation can be hard on the hair, and if you don’t have the right products, your strands can end up damaged. Below are the products Cheryl recommended for me to use regularly to maintain my results: