Every Type of Eyelash Extensions, Explained

I always thought eyelash extensions were the same thing as falsies, but that’s not the case. Extensions are way more intricate than that. “Eyelash extensions are thin fibers that are individually attached to one single natural lash one hair at a time,” Phillips says. “Eyelash extensions are usually made up of synthetic, silk, mink, or like-fiber material and come in different lengths, curl patterns, and colors. The sizes range from 6 mm long all the way up to 18 mm and up. Usually, the width of one single lash extension comes in different lengths for the desired look of the client. [Lash artists usually use] a strong liquid cyanoacrylate, safe adhesive to apply the lash extensions individually.”

The extensions normally last up to two to four weeks, depending on maintenance and your hair growth rate. Your lashes are in a constant rotation of growth, Phillips says, and you should see new hair growing out every 90 days. “There are three cycles of hair growth, so each natural hair has to go into rotation, depending on the growth cycle,” she explains. “The three cycles are anagen stage, (new growth), catagen (hair roots start degenerating), and telogen (growth stops completely and falls out). That cycle starts all over again for each natural hair, which is why it’s important to get touch-ups between every two to three weeks.”