Every NYC-Based Celeb Is Wearing These 3 Things

There’s something about NYC fashion that’s just a tad bit cooler than everywhere else. New Yorkers always seem to be one step ahead of the fashion curve and somehow infuse everything they put on with a downtown-cool factor. It’s for that reason that I take NYC-based celebrities a bit more seriously in the style department. They manage to take my favorite trends and make them that much cooler.

Recently, I’ve noticed NYC celebs wearing a few key 2019 items on repeat, meaning they’re probably worth paying attention to. They also happen to be super wearable and can be incorporated into your current wardrobe effortlessly—and everyone from Gigi Hadid to Amal Clooney seems to be on board. Below, I’ve outlined the three fashion items NYC celebs are obsessed with right now plus shopped out a few of each in case you’re convinced.