Every Gen Z’er Wears This Because of Emma Chamberlain

Emma Chamberlain’s style has influenced an entire aesthetic in its own right, and that’s a fact. If you’re familiar with the social media personality and face of Who What Wear’s November digital cover you’ve probably found yourself scrolling through the candidly-posed outfit galleries she posts to her Instagram and maybe you’ve even found yourself shopping for a similar version of something she’s worn. Ahem, when she wore flared leggings and everyone went out and bought them, too.

Well, when I sat down to chat with Chamberlain earlier this month, she shared one fashion item in particular that she wears on repeat: platform Dr. Martens. “I tend to only wear platforms so I’m really into platform Docs,” she told me and her Instagram feed is, in fact, flooded with the shoes. “I have the short ankle ones, I have the high ones, I have ones that have like a zipper in the front that are high top. I just love platform shoes so much because I like to feel tall—they’re my go-to.” Really, if there’s any single fashion item that Emma Chamberlain has influenced the rest of her Gen Z audience to adopt, it’s these platform Docs. The ’90s-inspired shoes are one of the key items to own for anyone looking to emulate Chamberlain’s signature aesthetic.

Whether they’re the oxfords or the classic boots, Chamberlain’s outfits offer a plethora of ways to style the shoes. Take a look at the below outfits and I think you’ll find yourself adding a pair to your cart, too.