Every Fall Accessory Trend Worth Knowing This Season

The time has finally come for the season and our wardrobes to make the official shift from summer to fall. About six months ago, you followed along as we walked you through all the goings-on of fashion month where designers set the trends for the season ahead. Today, we’re here to give you a much-needed recap, specifically in the accessory department. Clothes are great and all, and ready-to-wear trends are no less important than what we’re about to show you, but if you’ve ever fallen a little too in love with a bag, shoe, or piece of jewelry, you know that a killer look is no look at all without top-notch accessories to match. 

This season was a good one in the realm of accessories, as we saw the return of statement jewelry and big bags as well as a few themes that caught us by surprise (but we can’t wait to wear them). If you ask me, that’s the definition of a well-rounded batch of new trends. From square-toe shoes to the undeniable importance placed on headwear of all kinds, these fall accessory trends ahead will have the rest of your new seasonal wardrobe stacked and ready, period.