Essential Winter Fashion Buys, According to Celeb Stylists

Imagine you had a chance to step inside a celebrity stylist’s personal closet. Which trends and shopping picks would you uncover in their expertly curated wardrobe? If you, like myself, are curious to unlock those secrets, you can skip the trip to their homes because today they’re sharing their winter essentials for the season ahead with us.

These are women who have the chance to comb through the best of the best in the world of fashion on a daily basis. So, after seeing the coolest trends and staples on the regular, what, exactly, are they adding to their personal wardrobes this winter? Ahead, five style-setting celebrity stylists are sharing the top fashion buys they’ll be wearing in just a few months. Scroll down to see their picks and shop them for yourself, and then see which winter essentials made it onto my personal list.