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And now to our exclusive with esp anchorly M opening up about her private tt endometrsis. A serious condition milli of American women for Hal of infertility cases in won and for Molly, itncluded page so severe she couldn’t GE ouf bed for days at a time. We have a huge show and fired up. Reporter: On espn’s”fir take” co-host Molly Keri brings her “A to theroundtable. Did you talk about a lot. Reporter: Dishing on the test news a sports. Did the Cavs make the right moves? Reporter: But bd the camera the 33-year-old silently struggles W endometriosis. She was first diagnosed seven years ago. The endometriosis is not just in my reproductive organs but everywhere, on my liver, on M testines a essentially why I had THA hfic pain was I had like all compiled into a cyst which burst. Reporter: An estimated one outf ten American women have endometrios. A condition where tissue that normally grows inside the uterus is found outside causing mense abdominal cramping and sometimes infertility. No known cure but can be managed with treatment. Tell met your options were at that po Was put on lupron so getting injections into my backside. Pain runningnour lite and put my body intomenopaus I gained a lot of weight and ‘T feel myself. Mentally, emotionally, physicly. Acupuncture hasome a huge source of relief for Yo uh-huh.uncture H been a sav grace. I’m going to feel your pu Reporter: Focusing on self-care turned the traditional Chinese medicine to ease her discomfort. The one O her feet are kind of dealing T hormonal la she might H due to the entriosis. Then the ones on her stomach too. That is for the Reporter: Revamping her diet also mad Auge difference. My version soda, seltzer ‘M a huge fan cutting out allsugalcohol and processedfot her onevice, caffeine.however, having kicked bad habit just yet but I on in the morning. Iknow. Believe me. I have threes a day. Reporter: She hopes by telling her storyt can D awareness to much needed ars. F connect with other people and feel they’reot alone we can fight through this and hopefly in the next couple neration, they’re going to have the right trents and this will no longer be an issue. Again, thereo cure for dometriosis. And so doctor it on an individualized basis on symptoms orhether or a woman is trying to get pant or not. So many people just are not awf the severity of this. No and Molly herself was not aware it until it happened to her and so she wants to make women know this happens to one of ten women and oftees hysterectomy is what it can lead to andhat’s such a dramatic event for aoman and so she nts to find an help doctors find other ways to get some relief to N T taking that drastic measure. That she’snd some ways to do that and sng her story. We’ll be right back.

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