Emma Thompson Says Her Best On-Screen Kiss Was Meryl Streep

It seems like Meryl Streep takes all aspects of her performances very seriously.

On Wednesday, BBC Radio 1 published a very fun interview with Emma Thompson in which children asked the “Last Christmas” star questions.

The kiddos’ queries for Thompson ranged “What can I do to help the planet?” to “How do you get rich?”

The whole video (above) is pretty adorable, but when 8-year-old Finn from Glasgow, Scotland asked Thompson who her best on-screen kiss was, things began to get a little steamy.

Emma Thompson and Meryl Streep attend the 20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards in 2014.

“Meryl Streep’s a very good snogger,” Thompson replied after some contemplation. “I had to snog her in ‘Angels in America’ and she was method about it. … There was no stone unturned, my God, that’s for sure.”

And if that wasn’t good enough, she went on while reminiscing on the moment, adding:

“Blimey, what is she doing here? Mining for jewels?”

Thompson, who has done plenty of on-screen lip locking in her nearly 40-year career, also shared some very strong opinions on the subject.

She told BBC Radio 1 that she always passes out “kissing gum” to her co-stars before embarking on smooching scene and discussed her biggest fear in regards to the topic.

“I think the thing you have to remember about kissing someone on the screen — all you hope for is that they haven’t had a tuna sandwich just before the kiss,” she said.