Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders Handshake

KLOBUCHAR: Yes, I would like to —

PHILLIP: Senator Klobuchar, let me finish my question.

KLOBUCHAR: Oh, O.K. I thought it was such an open end — I wasn’t at the meeting, so I can’t comment, but I was going to say —

PHILLIP: What do you say to people who say that a woman can’t win this election?

KLOBUCHAR: I hear that. People have said it. That’s why I’ve addressed it from this stage. I point out that you don’t have to be the tallest person in the room. James Madison was 5-foot-4. You don’t have to be the skinniest person in the room. You don’t have to be the loudest person. You have to be competent. And when you look at the facts, Michigan has a woman governor right now and she beat a Republican, Gretchen Whitmer. Kansas has a woman governor right now and she beat Kris Kobach. And her name is, I’m very proud to know her, and her name is Governor Kelly. Thank you. Third, I would add to this, you have to be a competent to win and you have to know what you’re doing. And when you look at what I have done, I have won every race, every place, every time. I have won in the reddest of districts. I have won in the suburban areas, in the rural areas. I have brought people with me. That is why I have the most endorsements of current Iowa legislators and former Iowa legislators in this race. Because they know I bring people with me. And finally, every single person that I have beaten, my Republican opponents, have gotten out of politics for good. And I think — I think that sounds pretty good, I think that sounds pretty good with the guy we have in the White House right now.

PHILLIP: Senator Sanders, you can respond.

SANDERS: Well, just to set the record straight, I defeated an incumbent Republican running for Congress.


SANDERS: 1990. That’s how I won. Beat a Republican congressman. No. 2, of course —

WARREN: Thirty years ago.

SANDERS: I don’t think there’s any debate up here —

WARREN: But wasn’t it 30 years ago?

SANDERS: I beat an incumbent Republican congressman.

WARREN: And I said, I was the only one who’s beaten an incumbent Republican in 30 years.

SANDERS: Well, 30 years ago is 1990, as a matter of fact. But I don’t know that that’s the major issue of the day.

Astead W. Herndon, Jonathan Martin and Shane Goldmacher contributed reporting.