Easy Instant Pot Mashed Potato Recipes

One of the great conundrums of cooking the Thanksgiving meal is figuring out how to get enough space on your stovetop to make mashed potatoes. Then you have to keep an eye on a giant pot of boiling water to make sure it doesn’t boil over in a starchy froth, all the while juggling several other dishes at the same time. And then, once the potatoes are mashed, you have to keep them warm without burning them to the bottom of the pan or drying them out.

It doesn’t take up a burner on your stove, but rather sits conveniently on your countertop, anywhere that’s near an electrical outlet. It also doesn’t require you to watch it while you wait for it to boil, because the Instant Pot does all the timing and temperature regulation for you. And finally, there’s a handy “keep warm” function that’ll keep your finished mashed potatoes warm (without burning!) and a lid that’ll keep them from drying out.

Just about every Instant Pot mashed potato recipe follows the same basic formula, but we’ve rounded up 10 of our favorites, in case you’re picky. Go peruse our favorites and give them a try.