Drew Barrymore’s 3 Best Style Moments From Never Been Kissed

It’s been two decades since 1999’s Never Been Kissed was released, but don’t let that fool you into thinking we had completely forgotten about Drew Barrymore’s style in the movie. It may not be the most remembered of ’90s-era movies (we see you, Clueless), but it was nonetheless filled with style moments that you’ll soon see are just as relevant today as they were then—specifically, the outfits Barrymore’s character wore.

If you have never seen the movie or it’s been years, it follows Barrymore’s character as a 20-something reporter who goes undercover as a high school student as research for a story. While attending English classes and attempting to find an in with the cool girl clique at her new school, we see her character, Josie Geller’s, outfits start to conform to the ’90s teenage girl aesthetic that consisted of things like cardigans, slip skirts, and other items you’d easily find in the closets of fashion girls today.

The point I’m trying to make is that Never Been Kissed–era Drew Barrymore is actually a wealth of ’90s style inspiration that I think you’ll agree with me feels relevant today, too. Keep reading to see which trends she wore in the movie and shop the 2019 versions of each.